Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness! Working with autism.

Together with certified autism specialists, we organize corporate educations and trainings to create an autism friendly workplace and business culture. Besides this, we make sure both knowledge about and acceptance for autism is present amongst your employees. In order to create a stable working environment for people with autism in your organisation, we offer the following educations and trainings: special awareness lecture “Autism in the workplace”, basic training “autism”, companion training & a training for employees with autism.

Of course, we can also offer these educational programs and corporate trainings without having placed a candidate at your company.

  • All corporate educations/trainings will be provided by certified professionals who have years of practical experience.
  • The corporate educations/trainings below are supportive to working with people with a diagnosis of ASD or characteristics within the Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • All corporate educations/trainings are offered in both Dutch and English.

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