Deferred recruitment and selection

Intake based on secondment.


Are you looking for temporary or temporary permanent staff in Limburg and North Brabant? Do you need extra capacity or are you looking for specific expertise, but are you not yet sure whether you opt for temporary or permanent? Then choose our deferred recruitment & selection solution.


What does deferred recruitment and selection mean?

Intake on the basis of secondment is also referred to as deferred recruitment and selection. Our candidate comes to you on secondment, but can be hired by you after a certain period. The advantage of deferred recruitment and selection is the breathing room and reflection time. You have the time to see if someone fits within your organization and whether you want to give a permanent contract.


This is how deferred recruitment and selection works

On the basis of secondment, the employee will work for 800 hours (approximately six months) within your organization. During this period you will experience all the benefits of secondment. If desired, the candidate will join your organization after this period. From that moment on, your organization is the formal employer. During the entire process, we naturally link your specific wishes and needs to the right candidate. The interests of both parties are always central here.


The benefits of deferred recruitment and selection

  • As a client, you can make a well-considered decision for the future of your organization.
  • Expensive recruitment and selection procedures are being postponed.
  • You do not run any employer risks (in the event of dismissal, for example), until you are sure that you want to hire the employee.


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