Working with autism

Working with autism.

As many as 54% of people that have autism and average to high intelligence are unemployed. Although more and more companies are starting to see the qualities of people with autism, there are still many prejudices. That is a missed opportunity, because people with autism often have a certain level of knowledge and specific skills that are extremely suitable for positions in the field of ICT and Life Sciences.

We have already experienced the added value of this target group. As a specialist in the field of recruitment and selection for ICT, we see many opportunities for this target group. Especially now that we are struggling with a shortage on the labour market, while the ICT sector is growing strongly, we see the demand for this target group increasing heavily. In addition to the added value that employees with autism can offer, it is also socially responsible for employers! A real “win-win” situation for both parties.

Autism works with the help of our service “Autism on the Job” and “Autism Awareness”

Autism on the Job

From our core business, Job-Flow supports organizations with the recruitment & selection and secondment of ICT employees. We provide the perfect match through a complete, professional service. In our service provision “Autism on the Job”, where our recruitment is aimed at employees with autism, we take this one step further. Employees with autism can be of great added value to your organization. We help your organization create an autism-friendly work environment and corporate culture. This enables us to make the best matches for the long term.

To be able to create the best match for the long run, Job-Flow joins forces with certified autism specialists who possess practical experience. Attention to people is central in our way of doing business. We do not go for quantity, but for quality in the long term. We guarantee this by determining together with you which candidate suits your organization best. We do this by mapping out several factors in the workplace. With a combination of this inventory and your wishes and needs, we look for the most suitable candidate profiles.

Therefore, our services are focused on successfully guiding both the employer and employee by coordinating crucial factors in the right way. We do this by means of the following four different components. Besides special attention for the recruitment of the candidate and finding the right workplace, Job-Flow also provides companion trainings & intervision at the workplace.

Autism Awareness

Together with certified autism specialists, we organize corporate educations and trainings to create an autism friendly workplace and business culture. Besides this, we make sure both knowledge about- and acceptance for autism is present amongst your employees. In order to create a stable working environment for people with autism in your organisation, we offer the following educations and trainings: special awareness lecture “Autism in the workplace”, basic training “autism”, companion training & a training for employees with autism. Of course, we can also offer these educational programs and corporate trainings without having placed a candidate at your company.

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