Intervision at the workplace

Intervision at the workplace,

creating a stable workplace for people with autism.

We remain involved even after the first contact moments between the candidate with autism and the employer. Together with Company training and Extrass training, we help to create a stable working environment. This starts with the presence of knowledge and acceptance among direct colleagues in the workplace. To achieve this, we organize an intervision meeting at the workplace.

Intervision method

‘Autisme Op Je Bord’  is an aid method with which colleagues help each other to create an ideal working environment. This method is extremely suitable for getting acquainted with the situation surrounding working with a colleague with autism. In addition, it provides good tools for the adjustments that are necessary for the proper functioning of a colleague with autism.

Intervision session

The intervision session takes place in a group setting. Under the guidance of an experienced trainer, the members of the peer group will come together. Through specially developed educational material, called ‘Autisme op je bord’, all aspects of Autism are treated. Think of topics in the field of behaviour, individuality, cognitive theories, social-emotional skills and sensory information processing. In addition, participants can also introduce topics they wish to discuss.

The ideal intervision group

Together with Extrass and your company, we look at the best composition of the peer group in a very accessible way. The intervision group has the greatest chance of success if participants have the same expectations. Factors such as equality, skills, discipline and honesty are important here.

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