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Looking for temporary staff in Limburg and North Brabant? Do you temporarily need extra capacity or are you looking for specific expertise for a temporary project? Then choose our secondment solutions.


What does secondment mean?

If you opt for secondment, we will make an employee available to you. This employee will work for a certain period of time within your organization, but will not be employed by you. You act as client and hirer, we are the formal employer.


This is how secondment works

Are you looking for temporary extra staff capacity, for example due to an increase in activities, temporary absence of an employee, a specific project within your organization or specific knowledge and expertise, but you want to avoid the financial consequences of a permanent employment contract? Then we would be happy to make a candidate available to you for a specific period of time. Of course we ensure that your wishes, needs and job requirements are perfectly in line with the knowledge and skills of the candidate. The duration of the secondment and the employment conditions are determined in advance. The candidate will start working for you and we will then take care of the rest.


The benefits of secondment

  • Knowledge and experience. In most cases, applicants have gained extensive experience within different companies. They therefore bring knowledge and experience with them.
  • Stability and certainty of permanent occupation. If necessary and possible, we will provide free replacement (for example in the event of illness).
  • Your organization runs no employer risk in the event of illness or dismissal.
  • Your organization has no costs for payroll administration.

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