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Time to apply? With a strong resume you increase the chance of being invited for an interview. When you apply, the first thing that will be looked at is your resume. It is a summary of your professional life and is based on facts. All relevant work experiences, education, skills and qualities should be reflected in your resume. But how do you determine which facts to emphasize and which not? In short, how do you really make a good resume?

Use our free resume checklist when preparing, revising or checking your resume. Do you prefer personal guidance? Then make use of our resume optimization service.

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    Resume optimization

    A resume serves as a business card for you as a candidate. It should look neat, be a representative representation of your competencies and skills and it should show what you want to achieve in your career. It is an essential tool in determining whether future employers have the right qualities for a particular position. Job-Flow helps you to optimize your resume, so that every potential employer gets a good picture of you as an employee.

    Job-Flow believes it is important that the resume is a personal representation of you as a person. It is important to mention that we do not write but guide and advise you in this area. So you remain in control of your own resume.


    Procedure for resume optimization

    The first interview is an intake interview. This will discuss your current resume and discuss points such as general information, education, competencies and skills with you. We also discuss what you want to achieve as a candidate and what you find important. An explanation will then be given about the content of your new resume, after which you will write an improved version of your resume yourself;

    In the second personal meeting, it is jointly examined whether the new version meets the expectations and wishes. Afterwards, you will again make new adjustments;

    In the third and final interview (this can also be done by e-mail), these last adjustments will be discussed, after which the resume will give a representative picture of your competencies, skills and yourself as a person.



    Job-Flow charges a total price of € 395,- ex VAT for this service.


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