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Do you have autism and would you like a (new) fun job, but do you need some guidance? We are happy to help you! We are regularly looking for people with autism to fill a nice vacancy at one of our clients. Curious about what we can do for you? Then read on.


Recruitment & selection autism

Job-Flow has the right knowledge and expertise in the field of recruitment and selection. For our new services, we work together with company courses and Extrass training courses. Together we have the right knowledge to guide employees with autism and employers during the (re)integration of this target group. All this leads to a higher success rate in good matches and in this way we help people with autism to find and keep a paid job.


Work web autism

We use Werkweb-autism to match this target group. You can create a personal profile on the Werkweb-autism website, which creates a clearer picture of the possible activities and working conditions. After your written permission, Job-Flow will use this information to determine whether you can possibly be placed with one of our clients as a candidate. Are you looking for a suitable paid job, where we take into account factors that influence your performance? Apply now and upload your CV on our website.


Method of follow-up process

If we find a profile that matches one of the positions of our clients, an intake with the selected candidate will take place. We also make an inventory of the circumstances in which the candidate functions best. If we see a match between the wishes and needs of the candidate and the employer, the follow-up process is started. Here too, we remain involved with Extrass and help the candidate make the right choice.

More information about working with autism? Please feel free to contact us! Also view our vacancy page.

Curious what we can do for you?

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