Special awareness seminar – Autism in the workplace

Working with autism? This is what we can do for you.

Job-Flow organizes special awareness seminars. During these seminars about “Autism in the workplace”, various aspects related to autism will be discussed. The awareness seminar can be provided for groups of unlimited size. Our specialist seminars are always compiled and discussed in advance with the client. This way we are always able to offer a company-tailored seminar. Where it is desired, we work in a practical way with existing and relevant cases from the organization.

More about our special awareness seminar “Autism in the workplace”:

  • During this lecture, employees are made aware of the significance of autism in the workplace.
  • The lecture is provided by a certified trainer with years of practical experience.
  • The duration of the lecture is 90 minutes, including questions.
  • The costs are € 475, -, excluding VAT.
  • It is also possible to offer the lecture via Teams.
  • The number of participants is unlimited.
  • Question scan be asked in advance and the answers will be incorporated into the lecture. There is also room to ask questions during the lecture.

The seminar must take place within a distance of 40km from the Jan Camperstraat 5, Heerlen. If the distance is greater, € 0,19 per km will be charged. Any additional costs for an external location are for the account of the customer. The payment term is 15 days after sending the invoice.

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